Amazon ads (-) 

You know, after all the awful lows of Amazon’s ads already this year (“I don’t need a union because Amazon helped pay for my night school to be a nurse” 🙄), this “dog choirmaster” ad is a bridge too far. Whoever greenlit “let’s use an annoying holiday earworm but make it dogs barking” should die in a fucking fire. It’s only a day after Thanksgiving and this damned ad is already driving me nuts and I’m guessing they’ve bought air time from here to New Years, ugh

Dating apps (-) 

Is there a dating app to just apply to be some nice family’s house cat?

I don’t– I’m not good at dating, I hate swiping, I don’t trust myself to start a conversation, I’m not looking for “love” (sex) in the way more dating apps are, and I’m just looking for hanging out on someone’s couch, maybe sharing a meal, some amount of affection but not not too much. House cat

OH on the street 

Saw some big conservative prick giving a homeless person the third-degree victim blaming “Everyone had jobs right now. When was the last time you put in an application.”

I got close enough to deck him, but restrained (partly because his gf/wife? was sort of in the way, mostly because I’m a non-violent wimp). Fuck that dude.

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OH on the street 

Heard someone respond to a “gay panic” joke with a silly attempt at giving directions to a local bar. Almost Well, Actuallied that with the fact the gay bar named was on the right, not the left from here, sir, but also it has been closed for a couple years now and replaced with a hotel so you’d want one of a list of other bars… but decided it wasn’t worth my time and don’t think they’d appreciate it for the STFU it would be intentioned to be.

That was the first Classics concert I’ve seen throw in an “encore” after the ovation. The guest conductor of tonight’s Schumann and Brahms concert “rocked out” a bit with bonus Brahms. Hah


That feeling when the bartender is feeling 30 and playing music that squarely hits you in high school and college feels because you are closer to 40 than you want to acknowledge


Still processing the season opener. I *loved* so much of it. So much *good* science adventure (even if still “elementary school science”), but then then at the very end the stakes inflation **again** of “entire planet destroyed”. Fuck you. That’s not Trek, that’s Wars. Fuck off and switch franchises.

Maybe they can redeem this, this season? But it’s not left me in a good mood to start the season. Planet exploding is not something you *start* the fucking season with. 🤬

Stross’ Empire Games series 

The “First Man” funeral saga of the Empire Games trilogy rings so much hollow against Washington’s lesson of “Teach them how to say goodbye” (thanks Lin for the meme form). For a Commonwealth that supposedly paid attention to the para-history to have a succession crisis like this they absolutely fucked up Washington’s message. Love or hate Washington, that “8 years and out” “teach them how to say goodbye” was critical to the American experiment.

Microsoft Teams (-) 

Why does Teams subscribe you to the text chat of meetings you declined and/or removed from your calendar because you no longer need to participate? This is the most useless corporate spam in the world, just lots of random “Sorry meeting is running late” and “You’re muted” and “Got a leave early” messages that show up unread in your Chats inbox as unread.

Yeah you can Leave and then Hide in Teams, but I already left the meeting from my calendar, this is redundant.

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A while ago I was amazed that they didn't try to do a "Back to the Future" reboot for the year 2015.

Well, they kinda did.

There's a Back to the Future musical stage show.

Why haven't you heard about it?

Well, production problems postponed it from 2015 to February 2020. Oops.

Still, can't wait until the soundtrack album comes out.

Ironically, I have more USB Micro charged devices in active use than USB-C, but may have more USB-C chargers in my house.

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That feeling where you search the whole house for a backup charger to find it was literally under your nose the whole time. (Not the one on your face, the one that holds your glasses when you take them off for the day.)

With the one I just trashed showing dangerous wear to its insulation (I do not risk electric shock), I think I’m down to only one USB Micro charger left (the ones everyone and Kindles use), maybe two. May need to buy another?

Snoop Dogg’s Rosé 

Like, no my honkies, you ordered a Rosé for the table, it’s a little late at this hour to pretend you are wine snobs all of a sudden. This is so hilariously stupidly racist.

Don’t realize that’s Martha Stewart’s boyfriend Snoop and one of her favorite white girl wines? Can’t you tell that’s not a “gangster” pose but an “I’m high as fuck and trying to look serious just in case cameras can catch the scent of cannabis now” pose?


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Snoop Dogg’s Rosé 

So a table of three white order a bottle of Rosé for the table and soon after seeing the “gangster” label on it they stand as a group and wander over to the bar to pretend to be wine snobs now, act like they really wanted a Cabernet Sauvignon all along and get really high and mighty about over pronouncing the snobby French name so that the bartender has to do the point at bottles to find the right one.

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Snoop Dogg’s Rosé 

So there’s this amazing Black owned restaurant when I’m in a big seafood mood. One of the things that I love about sitting and eating at the bar there is that the “house” Rosé is Snoop Dogg’s. Just middle of a fancy bar shelf with regular boring wines there’s Snoop’s face in the middle watching you eat. I appreciate so many things about this. One of those was tonight’s free dinner entertainment.

Eternals (MCU hubbub) 

- Another on the list of I wanted an Intermission for a bathroom break
- I love that we got a few characters signing ASL but while we are training the actors, can we train the DPs and Editors not to cut mid-phrase and to frame the whole signs? Maybe I notice more because I’m a novice or maybe because if even I notice they should do much better
- This is how the Celestials are supposed to look, dumb 00s Fox F4 films

Forza Horizon 5 

I’d been searching the Autoshow for the best full EV I could find and a couple from FH4 were missing and I was disappointed.

Found a great one and it was already in my garage because it was Day 1 DLC: the 2020 Porsche Taycan Turbo S “Welcome Pack”

Pure electric zoom, yes

Sci-fi space ships never have enough exterior handholds. It’s space you don’t need to be sleek and smooth. On the other hand, Newton’s Laws are just awful in space and you want all the possible things to grab if EVA.

Subtooting Foundation right now especially.


If first Foundation is so good, what about second Foundation? 😹

Hari: Just going now to set up the second Foundation, you know the secret one?

How are you so bad at secrets this version of Hari? 😹 The audience isn’t even past the first crisis yet and this kludgy dialogue just giving away the game already? 😹😹

NaNoWriMo 2021 

Crossed the magic 10 kiloword count. About two days early so hopefully a good pace. 1/5th woo

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