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Dug the aesthetic of the TMNT float.

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I was reflecting on my current personal ambivalence towards pronouns used in reference to me. One maybe surprising thing I realized is that "Max" is short and memorable enough that it often feels like its own pronoun. I realized I hear "Max" a lot more than any pronoun, and it takes extra effort to strongly gender it or otherwise make it hurtful. There may not be a useful general takeaway from that, but I realize its a rare phenomenon and maybe useful to be aware of it when thinking beyond me.

That last bit about the galactic space olympics is because of course EE is coaching the next generation of the animated Mighty Ducks, the super powered anthro ducks that are mostly evil. Because we all know from many other Disney properties that evil is a recessive trait that often skips generations.

Stupid movie universe pitch: So inter-connected movie universes are a big deal, no? Here's an idea: The Mighty Ducks League Universe. Each original Mighty Duck kid is now down and out like Emilio Estevez (EE) in D1 and each in a different city must teach a new generation of kids. Big build up to match ups between teams every couple movies. EE turns out to be the big bad pulling strings behind the scenes and the final boss in a galactic space olympics hockey jam.

I clicked the CW button to discuss a TV show on The CW, because of course I did. 😸

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Also, sorry I wasn't using a macron for Long E (ē), but I am on a mobile keyboard and had already committed to schwa in my paste buffer.

I guess there probably is a split between if E should be Long E or schwa. I don't think Long E works right, but on thinking about it, I realize some probably prefer that too. Interesting.

ə/əm/əir is also not an option on, but should be

I appreciate Ann Leckie using e/em/eir, but that's the one I think works much better in voice than print. In print I almost wish it were directly printed with a schwa: ə/əm/əir. Keep getting cap-E Ə confused with Long E (as "I" always is) and I realize that's mostly a me problem and schwa would confuse more readers than it helped (me), but I find it an interesting observation and schwa is cool.

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I'm not sure about Gecko, but Tesselated is interesting. 🤔

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@darius A passing thought on Bot ethics: Maybe bots on Mastodon should use a Content Warning for "bot-generated content"? I know you are good about adding transparency to Profile summaries and often use "" to help, but a CW is a clearer bit of transparency for boosts and out-of-context displays in places like Federated Timelines. What do you think?

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I liked the Halloween Orange icon for VSCode. It felt like a needed respite from the far too many blue taskbar icons. Blue is boring. RIP orange.