What We Do in the Shadows? 

Cable modems 

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US IRS response to the gig economy 

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internet is short for interminable netherworld

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Big Problem with the prequel and sequel Star Wars trilogies: not enough normal people calling force sensitives “wizards” and “sorcerers” derisively/dismissively.

The Expanse S4 

Jesus Christ Superstar 

Dumb pun-based story idea 

DuckTales 2017 Confusion 

Star Wars family tree (Ep 9 spoilers) 

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In three hours and 12 minutes the east coast will step in to the yawning portal of the roaring twenties. All music other than early jazz, blues, and "old times" music will cease to exist. All women will become flappers. All men, liquor bootleggers.

The time is nigh. The time is nigh.

New avatar thoughts: half finished* watching The Crimson Wing documentary on D+ today, and thinking I should replace holidays avatar with Flamingo.

Photo is CC BY Flickr user pauljill, googled via the Bings

* I rarely watch documentaries in a single sitting, I guess

“Basic” foods 

Star Trek Whill thoughts 

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Star Wars spoiler? snark 

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why say "ladies + gentlemen" when u could say "friends + enemies"? it's so much more considerate towards all the non-binary ppl who want u dead

Dumb grocery rant 

Work IT griping 

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