I started toying with the idea of high fantasy races in a steampunk Weird West setting, given that's not something I'd seen and it seems an obvious missing link in between usual fantasy stuff and say Shadowrun.

Wrote about a paragraph before getting side tracked into Pirates by what was meant to be a throwaway reference, with my Western anti-hero elf suddenly the maybe untrustworthy Captain of a morally questionable privateer quest. At least that gave me the character's name. Such weird.

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Smeap is the honk of a flamingo. Smeap was also at least once, a storybook land at the weird intersection of TV ads and the worlds they seem to inhabit. It was a place where wars were fought over sodas, and talking polar bears had very good reasons to guard soda machines. It was a place where rainbow color candies were harvested for electric power. It was a place where a prairie dog might move to big city inhabited mostly by Pink Flamingos to follow her dream to be private investigator, only to get slowly entangled in the seedy underbelly of crime and prohibited soda trading of the Neon Flamingos and their syndicate. Social media at times lately feels like it has become almost entirely seedy underbelly with very little upside. Maybe it needs more storybook worlds.