I keep wanting Disenchanted to be Futurama. I can't say I'm disappointed to keep finding that it's not. I guess I'm merely appointed.

I am rather digging Mark Mothersbaugh hamming it up in the Disenchanted soundtrack, though.

@max the 3-parter-ish ending to the series is definitely its strongest showing. Remains to be seen whether season 2 shows it's found its rhythm, or not

@max I think the casting is probably a problem rather than a help - so many voices from Futurama, you can't easily separate it mentally. DiMaggio, West, MacNeille, all Groening's buddies.

@max It's not even "these are the old voice actors", it's "these are the old voices". Odval's voice is Walt's.

@directhex I feel like I could make a drinking game of how often just Tress MacNeille and Maurice Lamarche show up as random side characters. It would probably end up drunkenly, so I shouldn't.

@directhex That said, I like the three new lead voices (Bean, Elfo, and Luci), and it's weird to think that the leads are almost underused versus the old regulars.

@max So not great, but not bad either? How does it compare to Season 1/2 Futurama?

@doolbneerg I was/am a huge S1/2 Futurama fan. Disenchanted to me is probably most comparable to one of the S5 "movies". Partly because they played with Fantasy elements in Bender's Game, but also mostly because it's somewhat more serialized than Futurama, and while it had a lot of really interesting bits, it maybe stretched the story a bit too much for how many episode's worth of time they took to tell it. Also, in that it's refreshing after a drought of too little Futurama, I suppose.

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