Okay, serenading Mickey and Minnie to celebrate their love with _Color of the Wind_ is dripping with anti-capitalist subtext, or is that just me?

(Hulu talked me into watching this Mickey's 90th Birthday special, and I can't look away. It is corny and ridiculous, and some of these choices make no sense.)

Street artists are painting this set to talk about Mickey's influence on art, and uh, that's several wrong messages: hey kids, graffiti Mickey everywhere its cool; hey kids, this special cost a ton of money but we still didn't finish all the sets in time

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Also, is Disney finally admitting Mickey should be public domain?? This thing really is all over the place with presumably (?) unintended subtext.

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Here we have a K-Pop group dropping a Spanglish single that sounds like they mashed unreleased Pitbull lyrics and Childish Gambino beats. Is this some sort of commentary on cultural appropriation?

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Is it weird that I think I think this special finally explained to me why I think Ryan Gosling's acting is so uncanny valley weird? Listen to this native Ottawa accent and of course he struggles so much with that goofy American accent he uses in movies 🤣: youtube.com/watch?v=2fa0sR-I3e

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