Looking for a simple git-based blog system. I.E., “git push” and the stuff in the repo turns into some static content at the remote.

I’m thinking something that is triggered by a commit hook or some such, ideally turning markdown into markup, although I could deal with HTML in the repo if necessary.

Considering writing the whole thing myself but figured I’d ask just in case I don’t have to :)


@jjg The search keyword to start with is probably "static site generator".

One of the oldest, best known examples is Jekyll, written in Ruby. GitHub's GitHub Pages system will auto-build Jekyll-based git repositories on git push and host them on GitHub.io. You can even CNAME a domain to them. (This is how I host my personal blog, for instance.)

Many newer options such as Hugo (written in golang), Gatsby (React-based), etc. Newer static page hosts like surge.sh and Zeit's Now.

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