I backed the Crystal Hearts setting for Savage Worlds. It's terrible how the usual toxic masculine "gamer" crowd is currently rabidly foaming at the mouths over it. This remains why we can't have nice things.

@max I'm glad I've not seen the negatives, we have been waiting for this to come out for months now (we followed the comic before they started Crystal Hearts)

@JoeTortuga I'm glad I've seen it mostly only indirectly in my FB notifications, mostly good friends fighting the fires in the official Savage Worlds group.

It did bring the game to my attention, at least. I'm planning to dive into the comic soon.

@max What is Crystal Hearts? What is Savage Worlds?

@doolbneerg Savage Worlds is an RPG system like D&D/Pathfinder/GURPS/what have you.

Crystal Hearts is a setting book for Savage Worlds on Kickstarter right now that spun out of a web comic. The setting and art resemble something like Steven Universe or the new She-Ra.

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