Gears of Star Wars: Anthem lukewarm take 

Just started Anthem with low expectations and the story is still underwhelming me.

Beyond the obvious problems of how Destiny it feels and how didactic "as you already know" it's been explained:

It’s literally about a macguffin straight out of a KOTOR subplot reenacting for some reason the plot line of Gears of War. AT-ATs even show up in the hands of the bad guys using a synonym for Empire, the Dominion.


Gears of Star Wars: Anthem lukewarm take 

Just picturing some twelve year old not allowed to play Gears of War or Destiny recreate what they've heard on the playground about those stories using Star Wars and Iron Man action figures. It's super twee, and basically me at that age, but also how does that get made on a AAA budget in this decade?

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