Pokémon rabbit hole 

I started playing Pokémon Go in April. Today I found a strange rabbit hole in the game when I asked what I thought an innocuous question that maybe was a sign I didn't watch enough of the cartoon and am not a real fan. "What does this logo mean? All it says is 'HF'." Was a villain team? A secret Pikachu loving anti-Pokemon Battling resistance league?

Today I learned about HYPEFEST. vox.com/the-goods/2018/10/8/17

Pokémon rabbit hole 

Admittedly today was a work day so it doesn't mean that much that this was an all day rabbit hole as it's not like I devoted anything but random snippets of break time to it, but it stumped a number of friends including I'm told multiple employees *at* The Pokémon Company, from what I was told.

Thanks to Niantic and my friends for help in such a random internet mystery of weird answers. I shall wear the hat proudly in irony now that I know what it means (capitalism is crazy).

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Pokémon rabbit hole 

Also, it may not have been as cool as a symbol for Pikachu themed revolution before, but it feels like it needs to be now. Sieze the means of hype.

Thoughts on a new acronym for HF? Help the Future? Hold Fast (Against Tyranny)? Helpful Force?

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