uspol, meta admin 

Silenced It’s ties to several Gab-related domains reminded me to enforce a few more domain suspensions I’d been lazy about because none of them had tried following me directly yet. I got off Twitter to avoid bots and false flag actors tied up in uspol idiocy. I definitely am not going to sleep that into my Mastodon timeline, so fuck (And fuck Gab.)

uspol, meta admin 

I don’t even know or give a shit if I would agree with Yang’s politics. There’s too many candidates and I refuse to bandwagon, so I just don’t care. I’ll check in round about the Kentucky primary to make an informed choice then. I cynically expect to see something just like last time: a clear front runner two or three states back and a lot of vitriol backing a runner up who should have conceded and don’t matter and I’ll vote “abstain” again.

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