the issue that we are all grappling with as software developers that we are incapable of solving individually is that we live in a world where it is incredibly profitable to be an information broker, and as long as that continues to be true it will be very difficult to build competitive alternatives that respect privacy

the funny thing about all this is there is basically no evidence that data analytics transformed into personalized advertising actually affects profits. the advertising surveillance apparatus keeps chugging along purely because managers believe it does

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@dankwraith Heard an advertiser say: “Think of all the moment we are saving by targeting our ads.”

Replied: “Think of all the money you are wasting preaching to the choir that probably already knows about your product. Who knows how much you could sell with untargeted ads?”

They shut up. Was hoping for a good rebuttal.


@dankwraith Broadness used to be a central tenet of advertising. They are ignoring centuries of textbook common sense with micro targeting and they know it but they don’t have shiny Google blessed numbers to speak it.

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