Say, does anyone know of any good tutorials/articles/videos/ebooks on writing for Interactive Fiction in general, and/or Twine specifically? It can be for parser style games too, I have no trouble with that.

Trouble I'm having is that internet searches basically get me mostly surface-level stuff that doesn't get into the real meat of writing for the medium, and with no regard for whether they're good or not.

#InteractiveFiction #IF #writing #recommendations #Twine


@Nezchan @pixelpaperyarn The general chapters on stuff in the Inform documentation can be handy even for Twine.

Em Short’s blog is a cornucopia of articles, links and reviews to books, all sorts of musings on IF for years now.

For instance, this recent article sparked some ideas for me, at the bottom links to a few more “in series”, and from there it is an easy rabbit hole into the rest of Em’s blog:

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