Tech shoutout 

Ubiquiti’s Amplifi brand is super cute. Kudos to the enterprise mesh networking company on just nailing the Apple aesthetic in their first consumer brand.

I set it up the mesh for my parents, but the app gave me the sense my parents could have done it, especially if the internet was connected.

I’m pretty convinced everything should just work when the cable company activates the modem Friday.


Shade to Best Buy 

I have this thing that I want to see the outside of an electronics box before purchasing and I don’t always think Amazon includes everything in the description and/or the descriptions get mixed up between model numbers. Took my Mom to Best Buy in case the prices were better (they weren’t), and she made the mistake of talking to a Blue Shirt.

Blue Shirt said “who wants that brand [Amplifi], no one has heard of them? You want Google” lololol

Shade to Best Buy 

(Punchline: Ubiquiti has been building Mesh WiFi products for longer than any other brand Best Buy sells, just not for consumers until Amplifi. Also even my Mom is skeptical of Google. In this city we KNOW we can’t trust Google to network to tin cans together. 🤣)

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