Business speak 

Working from home sometimes means accidentally glancing at work emails hours after you thought you were done. Big mistake tonight, got a doublespeak bomb that is working to crash my brain.

For instance, an exciting announcement that they are “streamlining” a management role by… splitting it in half and doubling the number of managers in that layer. I don’t know what sort of bizarre exotic fluid could possibly exist to make that aerodynamics metaphor apt there.


Business speak 

This is an email written by a Water engineering leader, mind you, so I’m not entirely barking up the wrong tree by questioning the non-Newtonian physics backing the use of this engineering jargon so strangely used to describe this confusing corporate “recasting” [1], even if it was probably just a casual throwaway from the business jargon bin without thought to metaphorical implications.

[1] What? Is this even? I’m assuming fresh new business jargon from HPCs?

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