Just finished filling in my primary ballet and thought it interesting everyone I affirmatively* voted for was PoC. Probably more a reflection of my neighborhood in this time than something to celebrate or pat myself on the back for as if I’m doing any of the hard work (I am not), but interesting.

* I voted “UNCOMMITTED” for the second Presidential primary in a row. All I care is that the eventual nominee beats Pres. Quacknado.


Aside: It is also interesting that Kentucky even has an intentional, voiced Abstention option. Tbf, Kentucky is very late in the primary season and well after most of the Presidential primary horseshit. It almost has to have a proper Abstention, because we mostly already know it doesn’t matter who I vote for. (I don’t actually know who the assumed nominee is this year. It’s Biden maybe? Idk idc.) Just wish they’d focus on the actual competition now.

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