Food waste (+?) 

Months into fighting my fridge, previously the beer and condiment containment vessl, for space I realize I can just toss things away that I don’t need, even for a “rainy day”.

In particular I threw out a lot of useless mayo. Oldest Best Before date was 2012. I buy mayo only for specific recipes and then only ever need a spoon or two. Some of the mayo was from a field trip that had nowhere to go but my fridge.

I don’t like mayo in general, and it doesn’t agree with me either.

Food waste (+?) 

It feels good to realize I can shrink the condiment collection. Maybe funny it took so long.

(I am still trying to shrink the beer collection space, but rest assured I’m not wasting any of it. It’s almost solely high gravity special occasion beers, and it hasn’t particularly felt like a high gravity sort of Spring/Summer, much less like much of a special occasion.)

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