Crotchety at Streaming Wars 

As an ancient Hulu user, I find myself refusing to call “Peacock” anything but “Hulu Again” in an annoying British Queen way

(Explanation if needed: NBCUniversal built Hulu the first time. It’s so weird the decades of corporate shenanigans and wars that have brought them to decide to build a second Hulu and that today’s Hulu is instead owned by reluctant partners Disney and Fox [now also Disney].)


Crotchety at Streaming Wars 

Explaining the joke until it is dead, because I think myself clever: The “Hullooo” British Queen voice was a running gag in “classic” NBC-associated sitcom “Friends”, which was produced by Warner Bros. Television and which AT&T (parent of WB today) paid a ton of money to Netflix and NBCUniversal to break old distribution contracts to make an HBO Max launch title.

The Aristocrats

Crotchety at Streaming Wars 

(British Queen voice was also a gag on Seinfeld at the time but less relevant to Streaming Wars drama. Don’t know why that gag was so much in the water in the 90s.)

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