Trying a Twitch Watch Party because I have an underused channel and sure,, why not

Okay, so as streamer I learned the hard way I can't pause the movie (no rewind/fast forward either), oop. So first lesson: beer and snaks ahead of time, and I guess don't fill the bladder?

Test movie is *The Congress*, the film I've had in my Amazon Prime watchlist that is still on Prime (but not under the same listing, oddly). Wanted to watch Valerian, but it just dropped from Prime apparently.

And my computer hard crashed 😿Guess that's the end of the Twitch Watch Party experiment tonight as I don't want to watch the first ten minutes a third time.

I also just learned that Watch Party directly on Prime Video does have video controls. Wonder why Twitch version doesn't get it?

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Oh snap, 49 minutes in (yes, a very slow 49 minutes with distractions) and the film finally reminds me why it was in my Amazon watch list for so long. I forgot it was based on a Stanislaw Lem work and that's why I watch listed it in the first place.

Wikipedia shows me that the French cover/poster is so much better than the American one that Amazon uses. I might have watched it years ago instead of forgetting why it was in my watchlist.

Though 49 minutes was a rough slog to get here.

The Congress was a fine movie. Probably a bad idea for a movie to watch in 2020 for I forgot there was post-apocalypse inside it reasons. (More overt than Synecdoche, certainly.) Pacing issues were probably my biggest problem with it (and their relation to breaks and distractions).

An interesting adaptation of a book nearly impossible to adapt. An almost silly movie by a director with a filmography of films that are full of depressing topics.

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