Tonight's three (!) emergency broadcast "curfew notifications" particularly wound me up with nowhere to really redirect my anger.

I don't think I have any poster board (or spray paint) nor do I know where I'd place it in the neighborhood, but feel like shouting in sharpie form something like "Making a Big Theater Production of Law and Order IS NOT JUSTICE"



Trying to direct anger at least somewhere somewhat constructive (to 1-3am anger brain) was thinking about how little work I can put into a "Citizens for Responsible Warrants" "not-PAC".

Mary M. Shaw signed 5 no knock warrants in less than 12 minutes according to court records. 12 minutes! For something Constitutionally protected and in this case obviously life or death.

Judges are busy, but yet… ⚰

Ran unopposed in 2014; next re-election is 2022.

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