USPOL (Unrelated) 

Apropos of nothing, just an intermittent reminder that there is a classic sci-fi premise (book/film) called Boys from Brazil where fled Nazi scientists worked to clone Hitler.

The Orange Golfer in Chief is the right age to be from such a cohort.

Occam’s Razor points out the nazism is easily explained by bourgeois classism and out, direct American Nazi family members.

However if there were any justice in this ludicrous timeline “left QAnon” would dank meme this up!


USPOL (Unrelated) 

“Pres from Brazil”

“Yo Brazil, humans aren’t naturally Orange.”

“For Nazi’s brightest clone scientists they sure forgot to screen for senility genes.”

“I may never get to punch Adolf Hitler myself like my granddad said he did, but at least I might punch his idiot clone.”

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