Robot bodies when? 

My toe is bleeding. I don’t know why or how long. It doesn’t hurt. There aren’t any useful diagnostics information, just bright red blood and I guess scabs I accidentally knocked loose cleaning/checking it, so how long is probably “much longer than I realize”.

Some anxiety from the memory of surgeries around there twenty plus years back.

This body sucks. I wish for something more durable with better diagnostics package.

Robot bodies when? 

Documenting this in case it helps future people, but I doubt anyone particularly cares. After the anxiety parts of my brain finished thinking about terrible surgeries a different memory system finally clicked into place that bleeding I was seeing in the patterns I was seeing it and the kinds of “scabs” I saw was probably just nail bed fungal infection and that I could just pick up drops from the drug store for it. Hope that’s the end of it.

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