Proving useless conjectures with lewd science 

I can’t seem to stop thinking about how I feel like I’m the only person watching animated series Bless the Harts.

For evidence I present that Rule 34 content around the show basically doesn’t exist. The search queries for such don’t even autocomplete!

Several events in recent episodes have been practically begging for Rule 34. (Maybe the show writers also knows this means no one is watching and it is a desperate plea?) Yet, so far crickets.

Proving useless conjectures with lewd science 

Sure, I realize good art takes time, there will always be a last factor, and fandom is fickle and works don’t have to spark Rule 34 to be enjoyable entertainment.

I also recognize that under some versions of Rule 34 that in simply making this observation I’m now responsible for help commissioning such content for Rule 34 compliance. At the moment I still feel like a detached observer, but I guess if an artist wants to inquire about my budget, @ me.

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