Destiny 2 Gripes 

Logged in to try the new update and everything was broken. Enemies in *every* zone and quest just responded “immune” to shots, and I was getting killed with single bullets everywhere. I tried every zone/quest wondering if I was just missing a “character upgrade” quest somehow (that happened before).

Eventually I pieced together it tried to auto-upgrade my equipment inventory but wound up just eating some of it, including 0ing out my equipped helmet and not leaving me a backup.

Destiny 2 Gripes 

Eventually I fuzzily remembered/kind of realized that I could grab a blue helmet from Collections for glimmer, so that finally put me on par with the Power levels I was seeing while being one-shotted in every zone.

Parity with every zone, ugh. My casual lamer approach to Destiny has always been to do Update - 1 content because I hate combat at equal Power. So I can’t just do Moon quests like I had planned because they upleveled it. Lame. Guess I’m done with the game for a while.

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