Streaming Wars 

I still don’t understand what I am paying for with ESPN+. Today’s college football game is on ESPN, but that apparently doesn’t count and I can’t watch it. But it asked if I wanted to watch the game in Spanish which is on ESPN3 and thus +. This is dumb.

I am watching the game in Spanish, because why not.

Streaming Wars 

I love Spanish commercials. I also love how every time I watch a show in Spanish I get Spanish commercials on other platforms for a while in case I am a Spanish speaker.

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Streaming Wars 

@max Most sports commentary is probably more enjoyable in a language you don't understand.

Like when a video game has bad writing.

Streaming Wars 

@apLundell Yeah so much of sports watching is just “the commentator is speaking faster and shouting a bit more, I should probably look up at the screen for excitement” (or walk back in from the other room and hope to catch the replay). That’s definitely universal across languages.

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