Cracks me up that Disney+ added a “Skip Intro” button to S2 of The Mandalorian because the title sequence in S2 is just two title cards (show title, chapter title) and like not even twelve bars of music. Like 5 seconds tops to skip. Hilarious. there was something on netflix that was like this. not even a full five seconds, just like a guitar chord being strummed and that's it. Skip Intro.

@purple So far my favorite joke of this is the one on the Choose Your Own Adventure of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt on Netflix. (Kimmy versus the Reverend) The Unbreakable theme song is like a 20-30 second clip from a longer 2-3 min song that was previously only ever posted in full on YouTube. In the CYOA pushing the Skip Intro had the character autotuned singing the intro shout at the player/viewer for skipping their work and then it played the full 2-3 min version of the intro. Glorious.

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