Clever Band Names 

Every now and then I’m reminded of how clever the name “Rumpke Mountain Boys” is. It sounds like a perfectly old fashioned bluegrass/folk band named after some scenic or local interest holler or knob in Appalachia, right? Of course some parts of Appalachia (OH/KY/PA thereabouts) will recognize Rumpke (Rump-KEY) as a regional garbage truck conglomerate. It’s a trash mountain joke.


Clever Band Names 

Bonus fun fact: In “it’s a small world” amusements, I was briefly acquainted with in high school a Rumpke with the III appellate to imply a third generation interest in a certain family-owned trash empire. Every so often I wonder what sort of made-for-TV path was followed? Did he see through Business School like a good scion or follow some creative dream to a more family dramatic but overall happier ending? 🤔

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