Wonder Woman 1984 

I enjoyed the film the other night, but the discourse about it days later has me really surprised. Feel like the movie might a rually have needed a theatrical run because more than half the stuff I see people complaining about my response was “Weren’t you paying attention, they answered that” or “Well, yeah, that was the point, that was a bad thing and you were supposed to realize that, which is why the first fifteen minutes said what they said”. 🙃

Wonder Woman 1984 

I think it is fine that a lot of people didn’t like it as much as the first (or as much as I did), but the echo chambers folks that really disliked the movie are so full of ignorance about what the movie actually said about it that I’m starting to wonder if I’m from a timeline that saw a different movie altogether. Maybe the film was too subtle? I didn’t think it was very subtle at the time, but maybe I had better company watching it and discussing/enjoying it with me it.

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