Star Trek: DISCO 

That background music is absolutely a Star Trek Online track. It’s not used in a way to indicate that it was anything but a scratch track that was left in because the composer was busy elsewhere, and yet my dumb mammal brain was looking for the mouse, the Red Alert in the STO HUD, wondering if I needed to start combat.

Star Trek: DISCO somehow i never could get in to STO. how has it matured?

Star Trek: DISCO 

@purple Mostly empty with some bright spots, like space itself I suppose.

It’s free to pay these days, with most of the usual concomitant sins. (I bought a lifetime membership at launch so I’m mostly immune to its BS in my random casual drop ins.) Also, means it is free to try if you have a chance to explore.

I had a pretty active “fleet” early on, but almost every one seems to play irregularly now.

I love a lot of the story elements but think CBS will override them now.

Star Trek: DISCO 

@purple Most of the new stories now are essentially fan fic of the new shows (with the shows actor phoning in various voice acting), which is fine and fun in its own ways, but a far cry from the idea and era where STO was the last glimpse and final bowtie around the Prime timeline.

The systems of the game are fine for what they do. I don’t hate them and they let me pick a difficulty setting that I can mostly play through the stories without complaint.

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