I refer to ice creams as genders 

Last week I finished the spumoni gender.

This week I’m feeling a gender called “Dragon’s Dream”. It’s purple and full of colorful candy bits because it wants to be and tastes like toasted marshmallow.


I refer to ice creams as genders 

This week's gender, the last currently in the fridge, is a "lowfat" (oops) watermelon sherbet (dairy based, so especially whoops on the "lowfat", I expected a sorbet, I guess, now I know better what the difference is) with chocolate chips.

It's a delightfully cute, fluffy "baby" pink, with dark chunks, and not quite as tasty as it looks.

Is this a metaphor? I have no idea

A sorbet with chocolate chips just doesn't sound right. The textures just seem like they would be off.

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