Weird partial memories of BATch scripts 

Falling asleep I half remembered I used to have this folder cobbled together over a couple years called SHOW2.BAT

IIRC, the original SHOW.BAT was a sprawling mess I made of a menu system that was sometimes a launcher and sometimes like a partial implementation of what Unix less does, but by a tween me who has only used DOS and was duct taping together EDIT.COM, MORE.EXE, and a few other things in a warbling mess of a BAT file (and maybe QBASIC).

Weird partial memories of BATch scripts 

Anyway, at some point I remember taking some of the better parts of SHOW.BAT, excising some of the “extension points” that made it a menu launcher, and a lot of the kitchen sink that SHOW.BAT was into a smaller, lighter SHOW2.BAT. I seem to remember it kept that uncreative name even after I think I lost the original SHOW.BAT in a system migration.

Don’t know what prompted the memory and I know those files are gone and useless today. Funny story now

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