Groundhog Day 

Decided to help me get through the work day today by watching Groundhog Day and as many time loop (Groundhog Day-likes) movies as I felt like. Vudu had deals on Groundhog Day and the two Happy Death Day movies (in a bundle with Freaky, which I’m curious about) anticipating this plan, presumably.

I watched all three of those and Palm Springs again (on Hulu) in between.

Probably mix it up and watch Freaky next.

Groundhog Day 

I didn’t see a deal on a copy of Edge of Tomorrow aka Live. Die. Repeat. but maybe after Freaky I’ll check the price on it, as that was the only obvious one remaining on today’s initial suggestion list


Groundhog Day 

Freaky was fun.

Started LDR: EoT. Forgot it starts with Cruise as a sleazeball PR Major, hah. Also, recognize Berlanti-verse/Doom Patrol Cyborg in J Squad, hah.

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