the rebirth era superwoman comic had grand plans, at least a 2 year arc, then they immediately out the gate kneecapped it by miring it in continuity issues that were being fixed with the superman reborn storyline. also i guess they kept trying to strongarm the writer into appealing to trump guys? idk how you can write a strong woman as appealing to trump guys who read comics lol

@Taweret it was a storyline which addressed a problem of the new 52 era that had come up in the rebirth era. the pre new 52 superman and lois lane had entered the dc universe and the new 52 superman died. the new 52 lois got superpowers then died, superman reborn was a storyline which combined both supermen and loises into one person with one history so that the comics were less complicated. superwoman was a title with the new 52 lana lang and lois lane got kryptonian powers because superman died

@georgespolitzer so the current superman is like a steven universe fusion? he's stevonnie?

@Taweret well the current one is every superman at the same time living in linear time because at the end of dark nights: death metal the gods who live outside the universe made everyone live really long without aging much


@georgespolitzer @Taweret I described this as the “Highlander-style Superman Quickening” today in a post and I stand by that reasoning that Superman is the Highlander. I almost wouldn’t be surprised if DC managed to convince us Krypton was that planet from Highlander 2 and this was some absurdly long con to make Highlander 2 relevant again. 😼

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