Bliss (Prime Video “Original”) 

So everything about this film seems a retelling/clone of Simulacron-3/Welt am Draht (World on a Wire)/Thirteenth Floor including some shared imagery (the way pools are shot), with a couple subtle bits of ExistenZ body horror thrown in. Yet there is no “Based on” or “Inspired By” credits. I’m not sure if writer/director Cahill thinks we are fools or doesn’t want to point people to the better versions that were cribbed from?


Bliss (Prime Video “Original”) (Spoilers) 

So the “twist” from the other movies (and book) mentioned was making it far more explicitly about drug use, which hugely weakened its stakes, most of its attempts at believability (it broke my suspension of disbelief in critical ways), and greatly watered down the emotions of the ending, in my opinion. Overall, not a great movie. Watch the others, I guess.

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