Dear game developers,
It's sad that your game can't afford voice-actors, but you cannot simulate voice-acting by making dialog d i s p l a y
R e a l l y
S l o w l y.

It's just annoying. Make your dialog display instantly!


@apLundell My favorite realization here was that the practice originates from Japan, right? With CJK characters those reveals would be syllable and word at a time, right? Whoever first did that with Latin characters absolutely missed a trick doing that one at a time. Then everyone copied that badly. English word at a time isn’t that bad (not great, but bearable), English letter at a time is awful and should be banned.

@max Word at a time is better.

... but I still want the text up as fast as I can read, not as fast as a person would speak. (which is much slower)

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