The other weekend instead of doing something more productive I read through all of the “Humans are Weird/Humans are Space Orcs from Space Australia” screenshots of Tumblr posts in a friend’s surprisingly deep and comprehensive Facebook Album.

That unproductivity has spiraled into a let’s call it JuNoWriMo project with a working title “Treasure Galaxy” of unsuspecting space chipmunks that have to hire a human for a job (and some inevitable betrayal).

I decided to trial 4thewords for this JuNoWriMo project. It’s definitely pushing some game addiction buttons for me that I wish I didn’t have such a problem with.

Also some fun statistics. So far I’m just under 8 kilowords into the project. If I’m reading this one statistic right, given my rewrite the draft as I go “bad” habits I apparently have used 11 kilowords to get those 8k. Interesting but believable to think I’ve deleted around 3k words in the process. Explains some NaNoWriMo feels.

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