I'm replaying the Mass Effect trilogy and it seems I can only remember the broad strokes of a game with 10+ years' remove. I wonder if I could just continually replay old favorites and never get sick of them because my memory isn't good enough

@danbruno The interesting thing is getting that, but also I only played these games once fully and I never did most of the DLC, so I'm still definitely being blindsided by "did I forget this, or…?"

@christinelove Yep I'm in this same boat! I'm still not sure if I played ME2's Arrival before or if I just read about it on a wiki…


@danbruno @christinelove I did all the DLC, but in release order and that can lead enough to a different feel too: this was the only content to do at the time as I’d finished the main and all previous DLC and so it’s context was only itself versus a mix and match buffet scattered inside the main campaign.

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