Dream contents 

Dreamt about a “National Treasure” style clue hunt about how third cousins were secretly rich.

The family was gifted this old picnic ground nicknamed “The Castle” as the “last” of an old fortune. The picnic tables were under a pavilion that resembled a castle.

At a reunion there family were comparing old photos of events at The Castle trying to put names to faces, fill holes in genealogy charts, figure out why so few people “survived”.

Dream contents 

Out back behind The Castle I discovered a bunch of greek letters scratched into old sidewalk. At first the scratchings seems like kids learning their alphabet with sidewalk chalk, but what kid is playing around with the greek alphabet?

Eventually, a cluster of what looked liked a motto and seemed to include greek letters for the latin word “ordo” stood out to me. Even weirder for “kids” to be playing with latin words in greek letters.

Dream contents 

I was unable to translate the rest of the “motto”, but was distracted by a “utility box” nearby that the greek letter scratchings seemed to lead to. Removing the plastic cover of the utility box revealed a fascinating wooden box inside with a fraternal order’s letters and insignia on its side. It turned out to be mid-century “oracle”. The box was a pinball machine for marbles of various sizes that on inspection turned out to be “magic 8-ball-like”.


Dream contents 

In a different thread lots of talk about hosting a party at The Castle mentioned using some of “Uncle Mike’s” fashion advice in planning that party.

Turned out Uncle Mike was a Giant Human Red Flag. Probing people’s memories of Uncle Mike and if he actually was an “uncle” revealed he was probably one of those missing third cousins.

His entire bougie white guy existence about giving fashion advice to especially women. Just a rich white guy telling women how to live as a “job”.

Dream contents 

Was the fraternal “oracle” more than just playground equipment for kids learning their greek alphabet and weird latin phrases? I have no clue.

I woke still wanting to punch “Uncle Mike” and seeing if money fell out piñata style. The most direct link to the family’s “lost fortune”.

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