Space Jam 2 be like "hey remember superman? remember harry potter? remember game of thrones? remember the mask? remember the wizard of oz? remember the first space jam movie?" that's the whole movie just "hey, remember other movies?"

and somehow its two hours long

@Taweret I still don’t understand who the audience was for some of those callbacks. Is there a 7 year old out there that goes crazy for mentions for all of Casablanca, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Rick and Morty in a few minutes time? (And if so is there a way to lock them up as a juvenile delinquent *before* they do anything stupid?)

@max i think some of the references were supposed to be "for the parents" but the only thing parents are going to enjoy here is the moment the movie finally ends

@Taweret @max I don't think kids are going to enjoy it either. I think the audience is IP lawyers for WB and people whose SO made them agree to a maximum number of funko pop purchases per month


@robotcarsley @Taweret Related to this there were at least a couple references I’m surprised the lawyers were okay with, though both probably (?) count as fair use/parody they didn’t make sense in a “WB Serververse”. Wizard of Oz is owned by MGM/Amazon and Back to the Future is owned by NBC Universal/Comcast in our current dystopian IP culture. Amazes me/saddens me they weren’t able to stay 100% within AT&T properties for gags AND that I know this.

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