@max@smeap.com There's a place in town that sells sushi burritos, but likely not sushi burritos to the standard you're pursuing -- this is closer to Japanese-Hawaiian fusion https://www.suhabites.com/

@sevvie I’m not trying to hit a particular standard (arguably I’m failing to meet standards of other people), I’m just exploring the deep weird edge case possibilities of the form. Mine is particularly weird because I started from “wasabi guac”.

I appreciate the share of what other people have done!

@max@smeap.com I will say that spam is not a clashing flavour with rice and teriyaki sauce. But good luck with your exploration!

@sevvie It turned out pretty interesting and very weird. (It’s not always obvious, but my blog above scrolls sideways unless you shrink the window.)

I haven’t added the photos to the blog yet, but I’ve attached a photo of the assembled but not yet wrapped final product from today’s experiment.

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