Food apps 

Canceling DashPass because DoorDash seems to have lost most restaurants in town or something AND they’ve had maintenance/outage three of the last four nights I tried to use them

Postmates requires an Uber account now and Uber dropped my account so fuck em

I have the impression GrubHub has worse restaurant buy-in here than DoorDash does

I’m probably just done with all the apps?

Food apps (-) 

Still fucking *floors me* that in the same day, minutes apart Postmates sent me their “Good News: We are switching to Uber Accounts” and Uber sending a “Sorry to see you go: We are dropping your account for dumb reasons” email

How else did they expect me to take that mixed message other than immediately cancel my Postmates subscription?

Just absolutely bonkers customer service for a paying customer. I didn’t trust Uber before that, and I definitely don’t trust them now



Who deletes accounts in 2021 due to “inactivity”? Was my email address eating a couple too many bytes in their database? 😹

I mean it was nice for me getting auto-unsubscribed from marketing emails from whatever that dumb process was, but that also seems counter to the goals of running a service like that. Right?

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