On my evening strolls, me greeting dogs from a safe distance: Uh, hi, don’t mind me

Me greeting cats from a pleasing distance: Hello neighbor. Pleasant out this evening. Hope you have a good one.

@max Important question :

When you speak to cats do you do so entirely in human language, or do you throw in a "Meow"?

I'm always tempted to add a "Meow", but then I wonder if that means something specific to cats.

@apLundell I always get the impression the cats that just walk a neighborhood as they please understand all the English they care to know and anything else would be pandering

It’s dogs I sometimes wonder if I need to learn a bark or three, something that means something like “hey I’m walking here, I live here too buddy, no need to shout at me I see you” because they don’t seem to grasp it if I say it in English

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