@darius Why would that be a bad idea? I find it hard to remember that sometimes, so this'd be pretty useful for me.

@Mayana Because there's not really a way to parse out the ambiguities of the English language -- some words are nouns in one context and adjectives in another. Also there are words that could be in more than one category depending on context.

@darius That makes sense, thank you.
Maybe this could be an optional feature somehow, just for those of us who'd want to risk it? But most software wouldn't bother implementing it like that, unfortunately.


@Mayana @darius The other argument against even as an optional feature is that some people will “require” it or start to see violations as bad. It limits creativity. It accidentally cements a guideline that shifts every so often with cultural changes into a “rule” that can’t be broken, even when just “optional” guidance.

Admittedly people have been arguing about this sort of guidance since the invention of Dictionaries and there is no right answer.

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