Space Shuttles 

With the rain I chose not to walk all the way to the Orchestra Concert and so I parked near where I usually park near my Kentucky Science Center.

Coinciding with my watch of For All Mankind, the Kentucky Science Center in the window of the gift shop had cuddly little plush Space Shuttles (and Saturn Vs) for sale. Made me smile. I want to squeeze them.

Space Shuttles 

That and the show reminded me of the chance I had to wander Kennedy Space Center鈥檚 museum space after a vacation a couple years back.

They put on a big projection show in honor of the Shuttle dream and then the screen wall rises to reveal the permanent home of one of our forever more dry docked Shuttles. I cried. It looked like a forlorn and puppy. In the dog house not because it didn鈥檛 do its job well enough, but that we didn鈥檛 think we needed it anymore. 馃槶


Space Shuttles 

I鈥檝e got a volunteer shift at the Science Center coming up in a couple weeks. But normally the gift shop is locked for the sorts of events I volunteer to help with, so maybe I鈥檒l have to plan some other sort of excuse to squeeze one of the plush shuttles, maybe buy one.

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