Re: Foundation show 

Yeah, the pacing is very weird. It feels like “The Collapse in slow motion” but also we know it took just shy of 1000 years and we’re on the third Lee Pace now (I think? I’ve not been keeping track well enough) and compared to 1000 Years this is still a blink and you’ll miss time lapse, but also, hold on here’s a long slow shot of gardens, now a medium shot of the back of a gardener’s head, back to the actual crisis at hand,—


Re: Foundation show 

—now here’s a long monologue on a made up religion because David S. Goyer likes long monologues from made up religions and seems to think he’s good at writing them, lol, now back to this tight close up on makeup departments’ amazing replica work of Lee Pace’s eyebrows on Terrence Mann. (Spiraling way off into tangent: is there a best supporting makeup Emmy and can eyebrows win it?)

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