Dune Part 1 

Jason Momoa is great.

(I don’t know why I started this at 1am. I don’t expect to stay awake through the whole thing, but hey look some actual Duncan Idaho dialog that might be useful if anyone ever got to the weird books where the clone of Duncan Idaho returns and actually does stuff!)

Dune Part 1 

Finally watched the other two thirds (mostly without falling asleep, mostly).

I finally realized what was bugging me about Lady Jessica: I know Ms. Coulter can get quite far from her monkey daemon, but never shows up at all in the movie, what’s up with that?


Dune Part 1 

Well I’m wrong about this one, apparently my face blindness is getting worse. Those are different actresses.

(Don’t even get me started about that upcoming Edgar Wright film where I can’t tell the two lead actresses apart at all.)

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