Mortgage servicing (-) 

So the evil fucking national conglomerate bank with my mortgage after 10+ years decided to hand it off to a “bank” with multiple years of SEC violations. 🤦🤬

I wish there was an easier way to veto this, because as much as I hated my current mortgage provider, this is a whole nother level of fucking asinine.

I just need to refinance with someone I trust. I just don’t want to work that hard and didn’t expect this level of bullshit. 😡

Mortgage servicing (-) currently refinancing. it's for sure worth the legwork. literally every time i've done it the payment has gotten lower.

Mortgage servicing (-) 

@purple I keep procrastinating it because “it’s fine”, but this may be the kick to finally do that. Just a quick googling on the bings of the new servicer turned up “best known for unlawful foreclosures” and uh, nope, fuck that

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