Snoop Dogg’s Rosé 

So there’s this amazing Black owned restaurant when I’m in a big seafood mood. One of the things that I love about sitting and eating at the bar there is that the “house” Rosé is Snoop Dogg’s. Just middle of a fancy bar shelf with regular boring wines there’s Snoop’s face in the middle watching you eat. I appreciate so many things about this. One of those was tonight’s free dinner entertainment.


Snoop Dogg’s Rosé 

So a table of three white order a bottle of Rosé for the table and soon after seeing the “gangster” label on it they stand as a group and wander over to the bar to pretend to be wine snobs now, act like they really wanted a Cabernet Sauvignon all along and get really high and mighty about over pronouncing the snobby French name so that the bartender has to do the point at bottles to find the right one.

Snoop Dogg’s Rosé 

Like, no my honkies, you ordered a Rosé for the table, it’s a little late at this hour to pretend you are wine snobs all of a sudden. This is so hilariously stupidly racist.

Don’t realize that’s Martha Stewart’s boyfriend Snoop and one of her favorite white girl wines? Can’t you tell that’s not a “gangster” pose but an “I’m high as fuck and trying to look serious just in case cameras can catch the scent of cannabis now” pose?


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