OH on the street 

Heard someone respond to a “gay panic” joke with a silly attempt at giving directions to a local bar. Almost Well, Actuallied that with the fact the gay bar named was on the right, not the left from here, sir, but also it has been closed for a couple years now and replaced with a hotel so you’d want one of a list of other bars… but decided it wasn’t worth my time and don’t think they’d appreciate it for the STFU it would be intentioned to be.


OH on the street 

Saw some big conservative prick giving a homeless person the third-degree victim blaming “Everyone had jobs right now. When was the last time you put in an application.”

I got close enough to deck him, but restrained (partly because his gf/wife? was sort of in the way, mostly because I’m a non-violent wimp). Fuck that dude.

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