CSS hot take 

*Every* framework that tries to make Flexbox easier makes it harder and worse! Everyone thinks flexbox.

There’s only like two shorthand properties to learn to do semantic flexbox! But “frameworks” don’t do “semantic” (even ones with that in the name) so instead you get combinatorial dog’s breakfast “utility classes”.

Everyone thinks Flexbox is hard and ugly because there’s a million shit utility classes to learn, of course that’s hard and ugly! Just learn the actual CSS damn it!


CSS hot take 

Or skip past Flexbox and use CSS Grid. Some “Frameworks” are trying to make a shitty dog’s breakfast of utility classes for Grid too, but most thankfully don’t have any imagination for it other than still just recreating (uselessly) Bootstrap’s fixed column utility classes from decade ago.

caniuse stats says CSS Grid is available in every browser that matters this year. Stop using “utility classes” for layout!

CSS hot take 

I don’t understand how anyone sees the power of grid-template-areas and thinks “No thanks, I’d rather waste my time with lots of dumb DIV nesting and awful 2010s Bootstrap classes despite it being 2021” but I think a lot of people, esp. junior devs, *are* stopping at the unimaginative Bootstrap style crappy grid classes and don’t ever see a grid-template-areas in the wild to show them there is a better way.

Just use the properties! Stop wasting all the KBs with crap utilities! 🧓

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