Get in the Car, Loser 

Just now attempting to get to bed at 7am because I got to GITCL Act 3 and *had* to burn through it and past it.

That hurt, a bunch

It was beautiful and it was awful

Steam achievements claims less than 9% of players to date have completed Act 3. Some of that I’m sure is just the weird numbers from “free game” installs

Work “tomorrow” (today, I know) is going to suck


Get in the Car, Loser 

Finished GITCL (and then the first DLC)

Even at Story difficulty, or maybe because of Story difficulty and not actually learning the systems (because I suck at them and I don’t care), I found the final boss to be a huge PITA and took multiple nights of attempts (and a couple equipment shuffles from what had worked on most everything before it). Almost didn’t finish the game because of that BS. I just wanted to skip the boss fight

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