Across from the massive industrial pork processor is a restaurant building. For something like nearly three quarters of a century it was one of those buffet some cafeterias. Blue collar food in a blue collar sort of location.

The past several years it has kept changing hands. It was a couple pizza places. Pizza could be blue collar sometimes, but neither pizza company seemed to know how and prices reflected that. Both places supposedly struggled.



Sure the neighborhoods are gentrifying around it, but not that quickly that people want to eat right across the street from a big smelly pork plant unless they are in the somewhat captive audience of plant workers.

So the latest business owner has seemingly not learned from either past business (or the decades of history on the location) and converted it to a Tiki Bar. That seems almost emblematically white collar frivolous to me.


Maybe they aren’t selling food and are expecting a business model that only operates as a late night bar, so they don’t need those blue collar lessons.

It will be interesting to observe what happens. Gentrification is weird


i wonder if rent/lease prices are contributing to dumb pricing decisions like that. i would imagine that commercial property is probably experiencing the same not-based-on-reality insanity that residential property is experiencing. maybe even more since the corporate overlords see these properties as even more of an investment than residential ones.

gotta keep green line going up man. corporate proffits go brrr.


@wagesj45 Certainly a factor

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